Latest Projects

Latest Projects

Keeping kids off the street is hard if there are not many activities in their community.

That need for recreation motivated Word of God’s Bishop Eric Davis to undertake a massive project, Recreation Athletics.

“Our churches are the center,” said Columbia mayor Daniel Rickenmann. “They need to be back at the center. It will make a huge difference in our community.”

The sports facility was originally born from a church wanting to have a gym for its kids.

“Well, it came from the need. Necessity is the mother of invention,” said Word of God’s Bishop Eric Davis. “So, we first needed a facility because we have a thousand or so kids in our church. We needed our own gym.”

Recreation Arena serves the whole community. The indoor and outdoor facility can host a variety of sports and recreational activities.
The new Compass Media Studios is a 45,000 sq foot studios, located at 7355 Garners Ferry Road, Columbia, SC 29209, is poised to ignite a creative spark in the Columbia East community.

This will be the largest movie studios in South Carolina which boasts an extensive layout and features all the functionalities for the making of world-class films, TV shows, podcasts and more. The new Compass Media Studios is replete with editing and animation suites, utilizing the highest technology available to movie content producers; a café, multipurpose room, music studio room, animation room, editing and directors preview suites, large sound stages with sound and vocal editing capabilities; and boasts a green screen, white, and black stages for chroma key editor manipulations. Compass Media Studios is expected to significantly boost the South Carolina economy with its myriad of employment opportunities. It will also serve as the catalyst for more feature films, like ‘The Lady Makers’.

This will be the first Compass Media Studios film submitted to the Oscars for Academy Award consideration.